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   Beede's complete line of engine instrumentation is available off the shelf, or customized to meet your needs. Engine instrumentation meters are based on Beede's Air Core movement. This movement delivers maximum reliability because it has just one moving part, with no springs, jewels or pivots. This movement has proven durable in thousands of tough off-road, construction, and marine applications.

   Our engine instruments are customizable to your specifications with a wide variety of bezels in different finishes and colors as well as flat or domed lenses. Fog resistant lenses are available, too.

   Meter types include fuel, hour meter, oil pressure, air pressure, ammeter, temperature, voltmeter, speedometer, tachometer and combination meters.



   NexSysLink®, as it's name implies, is the next generation digital instrumentation system from Beede that connects you with critical operating data transmitted by CAN (Controller Area Network) based apparatus. Suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, these instruments combine the best of analog and digital display technologies that provide the ability to quickly and accurately read industry standard CAN protocols.


Air-Core Engine Instruments


    Proven durability and accuracy combined with multiple customization options create true value uniquely found in Beede's Air-core engine instrumentation product family. That is why leading manufacturers from various industries such as marine, heavy duty industrial and commercial equipment prefer to install Beede air-core engine instruments.


Instru-Link CAN BUS System



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